Elona Name - Meaning and Origin

Elona Name - Meaning and Origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In the Hebrew tradition, "élona" means "oak" and symbolizes "constancy" as well as "solidity".


Elona Jones, writer, freelance journalist and editor working for CNN and Essence, among others.
The actress Elona Hoti seen among others in Lamerica (1994).
Elona Bojaxhi, actress and model with international profile of Albanian origin.

His character :

Quite introverted, secretive and lonely, Élona has an atypical personality that allows her to stand out and gain quick access to success. This patient, determined and disciplined woman is also able to provide all the effort needed to achieve her dreams. Thanks to her initiative and her impressive calmness, she can also make great efforts in the long term. Supported by exceptional intelligence, Élona always surprises her entourage by the extent of her achievements and the quality of her results. It is thus essential as a great ally in major projects. Moreover, she never goes back to obstacles.

On the other hand, its various qualities also represent its greatest faults when it fails to control them. Indeed, exposed to an important stress or victim of her own success, Elona risks becoming rigid, intolerant, pretentious and stubborn until obstinacy. Often adulated by her family, this perfectionist woman can quickly be tempted by pride. She will begin to interfere in the affairs of others thinking well, at the risk of offending his entourage. In order not to arrive there, it will be necessary to teach the young Elona to manage her ego from her childhood without oppressing her. You will need to teach him self-control and the concept of intimacy and humility. She will know the lines not to cross daily and especially its own limits to avoid falling into vanity.


Elona, ​​Ilona, ​​Alona and Alonit.

His party :

The Élona are honored on August 18th.

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