Name Loriana - Meaning of origin

Name Loriana - Meaning of origin

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Meaning of the name:

Pronounced "lao-riya-enah", Loriana is a feminine given name of Italian origin. Variant of "Laura", Loriana finds its roots of "laurus", which means "laurel" in Latin.


No famous Loriana ... your future princess perhaps!

Loriane's patron saint is a martyr and a Catholic monk, St. Lawrence of Rome. In the third century, St. Lawrence was one of the seven priests of the Roman Church. He died godfully in the year 258. According to the poem of the Christian poet Prudence, this man evangelized several regions before dying on the grill. Legend has it that before he died, he sent the cup in which Jesus drank at the Last Supper.

His character :

Curious and lively, the Loriana feel a deep desire to enrich their knowledge. They like to learn and know more, no matter the subject. They are also introspective and calm, loving softness and tranquility.


Laramea, Larianna, Lauriana, Laurnea, Lirienna, Lorenia, Lorianna, Loryanna, Laraene, Larain, Laraina, Laraine, Laramae, Laramee, Laramey, Larami and Laramie.

His party :

August 10th.

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