First name - Meaning and origin

First name - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Considering its Germanic origin, "Émie" is a diminutive of different feminine first names like "Émel", "Emelia", "Émélie" and "Émelyne". This name is commonly translated as "worker" or "enthusiast".
Everywhere else, this name is used as a diminutive of first names containing "emie" as "Euphémie", "Noémie", etc.


Emie R. Roussel, Canadian virtuoso pianist, well known in the world of jazz.
The famous professional makeup artist Emie Otis, having worked on American productions like Grimm (2011), Stripperland (2011) and 5 Souls (2013).

His character :

Generally, Émie poses as a friendly, curious and lively woman. Communicative, frank and direct, she strives to remain conciliatory, regardless of the situation. Appearingly reserved, she likes to please and shows herself most often charming in public. Dynamic and endowed with a certain adaptability, Émie has an impressive sense of repartee. However, patience is not his forte. Really attached to her freedom, this independent woman does not support routine or boring activities. Faced with uninteresting obligations, she will try to go as far as possible. Faced with the inevitable, she will always manage to put an end to this torture as quickly as possible.

Because of her quick wit, this active woman feels the need to constantly renew her interests and activities. As a parent of little Emie, you will have to be careful to moderate her unstable and particularly versatile side. Nevertheless, it shows a rare form of self-discipline and matures rather quickly. In addition, you can also rely on his sense of responsibility and his penchant for a job well done. However, it will be necessary to avoid imposing too many constraints on it at the risk of demotivating it. Indeed, for Émie, it's all about motivation. If you put too much pressure on him, you will learn the meaning of the term "aggressive passive".


Emilia, Émilia, Emiliana, Emiliane, Emélina, Émel, Emelia, Émélie, Émilie, Émily and Émelyne.

His party :

The Fête des Émie is scheduled for September 19th.

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