Name Ielena - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Ielena is a derivative of Helene. It comes from the Greek word "hêlê" which means "brilliance of the sun".


Yelena Sokolova is a Russian athlete specialized in long jump.
Elena Ivashchenko is a judokate of Russian origin.
Jelena KarleuĊĦa is a Serbian singer.
Helena Noguera is a Portuguese singer, actress, writer and playwright.
The Ielena are celebrated on the same day as St. Helena. She was the mother of Emperor Constantine and discovered the relics of the crucifixion under a temple dedicated to Venus during a pilgrimage to the site of the Holy Sepulcher.

His character :

Ielena is a girl with a strong personality. Under his calm and pleasant appearance hides an energetic, voluntary and independent person. However, she knows how to be flexible, affable and welcoming when the situation requires it. Ielena is both an extrovert and an introvert. Sometimes needing others, the next second happens to seek solitude for reflection. Intelligent and gifted with words, Ielena is often humorous when confronted with an embarrassing situation.


Helen, Helena, Helena, Elena, Yelena, Jelena, Eileen and Ielene.

His party :

The Ielena are celebrated on August 18th.

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