Name Teophile - Characteristics

Name Teophile - Characteristics

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, French, Greeks

Meaning of the name:

Variant of Theophilus, Teophile is composed of Greek terms theos and philein, meaning respectively "God" and "love".


No Teophile famous so far. Your little champion could be!

Among celebrities named Theophilus, derived from Teophile, are the French politician Théophile David (deceased in 1892), the French poet Théophile Briant (died in 1956), the Cameroonian international footballer Théophile Abega (deceased in 2012), the novelist and French art critic Théophile Gautier (d. 1872), Quebec painter Théophile Hamel (d. 1870), French journalist and essayist Théophile Desdouits (d. 1898) ...

Theophilus was a soldier of the governor's guard at Alexandria, about the middle of the third century. One day, while on court duty, he met a Christian frightened by threats. He gave him a few words of comfort and encouraged him. The judge asked Theophile if he was also a Christian. The soldier replied with confidence that this was the case. Four of his friends also declared their faith. They died martyrs shortly after, around the year 251.

His character :

Intelligent and curious, Teophile spends his time thinking. Not very talkative, he seems detached from the world. But this is only an appearance. Indeed, he feels fully concerned by the events that occur around him, but places himself as a contemplator and analyst instead of being an actor. Endowed with a critical spirit developed, he devotes a lot of time to the reflection. Perfect strategist, he easily finds solutions to a problem.


Théophile, Theophil, Theophyle ...

His party :

The people named Theophile are in the spotlight on December 20th.

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