Iphigenie Meaning - Origin and Names

Iphigenie Meaning - Origin and Names

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The name Iphigenia comes from the Greek terms "iphi" and "genos" respectively meaning "valiantly" and "birth".


Iphigenia is a first-century saint whose life is recounted in the Golden Legend, a Latin work telling the life of 150 saints or Christian martyrs. Daughter of Egippus King of Ethiopia, she converted to Christianity and became a nun in 1794. She was condemned and beheaded "for wanting to destroy the Republic by fanaticism and superstition."
The name Iphigenia also refers to a famous character from a Greek tragedy. Daughter of Agamemmon, Iphigenia was sacrificed in order to save the people.

His character :

Authoritarian and demanding, Iphigenia stands out for her need to control everything. A woman of power, her natural authority is her greatest weapon to flourish. She has an innate sense of responsibility. In addition, Iphigénie is an independent person who thinks he knows how to manage everything alone. Honest and direct, she does not mince words. This is the reason why she can sometimes be unpleasant. At the same time, she tends to put herself forward and be arrogant. Faced with people she considers inferior to her, Iphigenia can behave haughtily.

Elegant and seductive, Iphigenia needs to please and be the center of attention. Pretty extroverted, this woman can be charming and generous. Responsible and organized, Iphigénie is a person of trust. It also hides a loving philanthropist side helping others.


Iphigenia, Ifigenia, Ifigenia and Ifiyenia.

His party :

The festival dedicated to Iphigenia is scheduled for 9 July.

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