Prepare the nursery

Prepare the nursery

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Nine months is a long time. To give a presence soon to this future baby as expected, the nice trick is to provide him a cocoon of comfort and safety.

At first, know that the color of the walls, the wood of his chest of drawers or the colorful patterns of his lamp will not matter much to your baby. The field of vision of a newborn is vast: it encompasses the whole landscape, but its blurred look makes no case colors. Deco side, treat yourself, but side cocoon, think above all to its comfort.

It is best to arrange the nursery room for the first two quarters so that it is not exposed to the different chemicals released from the new furniture and products used for the work.

The good exposure

  • Preferably and if possible, choose for your baby's room the quietest room in the house. Avoid the wall with the kitchen and the dishwasher, the bathroom and its washing machine or the living room and television.
  • Ideally, your baby's room should be clear so that, stimulated by the light of day, your toddler wants to play with his rattle or other and wake up. Avoid as far as it is exposed full south: the sun of midday would make the room stifling in summer.
  • The best exhibition? East-west, that is sun in the morning and evening, shade for the nap.

Constant temperature

  • 19 ° C is the ideal temperature of your baby's room. it must be stable because a toddler is not yet able to regulate its internal temperature. put your bedding away from the window so that your baby does not suffer drafts and far from the radiator, the heat too close could be the cause of dehydration.

Very soft walls in color

  • A baby likes contrasting colors. Do not cover the walls of his room with delirious patterns, their too colorful side would prevent the look of your baby to rest.
  • Opt for pastel shades, but play with accessories in bright colors: mobile over his bed, patterns of his sheet, small sticker discreet ...

A comfortable floor

  • When he begins to grow, you will install your baby often on his stomach to practice a few crawling, before walking. The ideal is thick synthetic coatings (such as linoleum). Their underlay of foam dampens sounds as well as falls and the floor will be easy to clean.
  • For your baby's bedroom, avoid carpeting, just like carpets, real dust mites and dust mites. Floating parquet, tiles, slabs in lino ... this is the right choice for baby.

A safe light

  • Your little tramp will soon discover the power outlets. Bring them with eclipsing jacks if your home is modern or use lock-out jacks if you are in the old one. Beware of the standrads because the little fingers are quite dexterous ...
  • Make sure light sources are fixed to the ceiling or wall to prevent wires from running into the room.