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Can I give vegetables at 4 months?

Can I give vegetables at 4 months?

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"Can I give a few spoonfuls of vegetables to my baby for almost 4 months?" Professor Patrick Tounian, nutritionist, answers Juliette's question.

The answer of Pr Patrick Tounian, head of the nutrition and gastroenterology department at Trousseau Hospital (Paris) *

  • Diversification allows the child's food tolerance to be acquired by gradually introducing solid foods with allergenic potential. A kind of natural desensitization to limit the risk of allergies. It must begin between 4 and 6 months.
  • Before 4 months, the intestinal permeability of the infant is increased. Whole proteins can cross the intestinal barrier without being digested and induce an allergy. That is why It is necessary to wait until the 4 months of the child to begin to introduce new foods.
  • Diversification must take place according to a well-regulated mode of operation. We start by giving 2 or 3 spoons of mixed vegetables or fruits, mixed most often in the bottle of milk.
  • Regarding the introduction of foods with high allergenic potential, they are given separately, spacing 3 or 4 days and without associating with another food of the same category. For example, do not give the egg at the same time as fish, or kiwi at the same time as mango. This helps to see if the child does not develop an allergy.

* Author of Answers to all the questions you have about your child's diet (Odile Jacob)

Interview by Frédérique Odasso

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