What is your body mass index?

What is your body mass index?

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Do you think you have a few extra pounds? All this is suggestive! Calculate your BMI with our tool and you will know what it is.

Calculate your ideal weight

Is your weight normal, too high or too low? The most reliable way to find out is to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI).

The BMI describes the height / weight relationship and indicates a reliable range. It is calculated by dividing the weight by the size squared. An example: if you weigh 63 kg and measure 1.65 m: 63 / (1.65 x 1.65). Your BMI is 23.16. The ideal!
Example: If you weigh 75 kg for 1.70 m, your BMI is as follows: 75 / 1.70 ² = 25.9.

Here are the indicators of body mass:
less than 20thinness
between 20 and 25normal weight
between 25 and 29overweight
from 30obesity

What about your weight?

To calculate your BMI, simply fill in the information in our tool (the body mass index is related to the age of the person, it is also taken into account when calculating the BMI).

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