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Back to the CE2: cruising speed

Back to the CE2: cruising speed

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Friendly relations are important during this year of CE2, marked by a certain serenity in terms of learning.

  • After the first two years of primary school, reading is in principle well established, the school rhythm and its integrated constraints: so your child will enter this year of CE2 with serenity in terms of learning. He even becomes quite sure of himself, and does not hesitate to speak in class, to ask questions.
  • This assurance often shows through his physique: his face is "out of stock", his body is growing.

CE2: critical thinking and eventful friendships

  • At home too, he clearly knows his desires and begins to issue some criticism. By visiting the families of friends, he realizes that we can live and think differently. And he compares ...
  • Friendships, especially girls, are passionate. One day, they hate each other, get confused and do not talk anymore. The next day, they fall into each other's arms and tell each other their secrets.

CE2: how to accompany it?

  • Let go of the ballast, very slowly. Be sure to always check his homework on his textbook: trust him.
  • Instead of upsetting your doubts about you, encourage critical thinking forcing him to argue: "You find Jules's parents more" cool ", why exactly?"
  • Disputes, reconciliations ... do not intervene in childish quarrels. They are excellent relational laboratories, very informative!

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