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Back to the big section of kindergarten

Back to the big section of kindergarten

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Reading, writing, counting ... these new skills are the subject of a gradual and personalized approach during this year of major kindergarten.

Large section: towards greater autonomy

  • At age 5, your child feels strong about emotional security. As a result, he may be expecting less adults.
  • At home, he begins to be able to play alone longer. In the class, if the mistress gives him a direction, he can execute it alone, and without it staying next to him. He feels proud: "I did it alone".
  • I have to say that sConcentration opportunities have also increased significantly.

Be confident

  • During this last year of kindergarten, parents' expectations are often very pressing. Many would like their child to practice writing so that he is ready to enter CP. This may be your case. Patience, not too fast, please! In large section, your child learns new skills, such as counting.

Big section: how to accompany it?

  • It would be a shame if your child arrives exhausted at CP! So, let him enjoy quietly this last year of kindergarten, without offering him early school activities, at home.
  • Encourage her moments of autonomy without intervening systematically every time he plays alone. This will be the best preparation for her entry into CP.

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