Laughter: a therapy against the disease

Laughter: a therapy against the disease

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Clowning in the hospital is far from being a joke! For 20 years, the hospitals of the association LE RIRE MEDECIN, sow a joyous disorder in the pediatric services of many hospitals. By dint of humor and fantasy, they offer small patients the opportunity to laugh, have fun and forget the disease, even for a moment. (News from 06/05/11)

Dedramatize the hospital universe

  • Visits or hospital stays are often, for children and parents, synonymous with anxiety and worry.
  • To help them better through this difficult moment, the 87 hospitals of RIRE MEDECIN intervene in 37 pediatric departments in 14 hospitals in France.
  • In 2010, hospitals made 64,000 visits in a good mood, helping many children fight the disease.

A happy child cares better

  • True remedies against moroseness and sorrows, hospitals twice a week, an improvised and personalized show for each little patient.
  • Their interventions are real breaths of oxygen. Through the game, they bring gaiety and space of freedom to the children. They also help parents and caregivers to take another look at small patients.
  • Today, their presence contributes to the care project and their teams are an integral part of hospitals.

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