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Twisted dress

Twisted dress

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A pretty little dress for your baby! All in twists, it is wool and alpaca. A model from 3 months to 24 months at the fancy points.

Sizes: a: 3 months (b: 6 months / c: 12 months / d: 18 months / e: 24 months)


Phildar Phil Soft Quality: 3 (4-5-6-7) celery colored balls.
Order the threads on the Phildar website
Aig. n ° 3 - hook n ° 3

Points used

Pt fantasy: download the diagram
M. tight: stitch the hook in 1 st, bring back 1 loop, 1 throw, pull the thread through the 2 loops on the hook.
Pt of crayfish: this pt is obtained by doing a rg of m. tight from left to right
Download the boss


10 cm stockinette, ea. n ° 3 = 28 m.
30 m. of fancy pt = 9,5 cm and 10 cm = 40 rgs
Download the sample point of the sample

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