Your child 3-5 years

His progress in large section

His progress in large section

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Curious about everything, your child turns to the outside world. He asks himself questions, is interested and, little by little, the desire to read grows in him ...

Your child is ready for the big section. The last year of kindergarten inaugurates a new cycle of education, that of fundamental learning, which will continue until the end of CE1. Attention, this class is not for all that one under CP!

In large section, he prepares for reading

  • In oral language activities, your child learns to discriminate sounds (to distinguish the "on" from the "an", the "b" from the "p") and to chant in rhythm the syllables of the words.
  • He knows that a sentence is a sequence of words that makes sense and ends with a point.
  • He learns to recognize the letters of the alphabet in the three spellings: capitals, scripts (printed) and cursive (written by hand and attached). And if at the end of the year, he does not know his alphabet, it will not affect his ability to read!

He begins to write

  • The large section opens the era of exercises. In the approach of reading, the approach relies on games (Memory, Bingo, etc.). For writing, she is more academic. Your little schoolboy aligns the letters, in capitals in the first trimester, then in cursives from the second.
  • He also learns to find his bearings in the world of writing. He is made to discover the object book: how to interpret a cover, to move from one page or line to another ...
  • One of the major projects is also to familiarize him with different types of writings: newspaper, manual, dictionary, advertisement ...

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