Earthquake in Haiti: "We must repatriate our children."

Earthquake in Haiti: "We must repatriate our children."

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Following the earthquake in Haiti, many French adoptive families are waiting for the repatriation of their children. They will gather tomorrow in all France to be heard. Emmanuelle Guerry, spokesperson of the Collective for the evacuation of children being adopted in Haiti tells us more. (News of 22/01/10)

Why this gathering tomorrow afternoon?

  • Our collective is coming together tomorrow because the measures taken by the French government only satisfy the 200 families for which the files are complete. For the other 700 families whose files are in progress, the emotion is strong. The government says that other cases will be handled on a case-by-case basis, but for us there is a health emergency! There is absolutely no demand for the repatriation of children illegally and I insist on this point. It is very important for us to act in a transparent and lawful way. Children must arrive in France with a clear identity. I appealed yesterday to the President of the Republic to grant me a hearing because only he can solve this situation

What is a complete adoption file?

  • The children who will enter in France soon are those who have a passport and a visa, which is normal, it is a legal procedure. These children were ready to leave and will be repatriated since their files are complete, both in terms of Haitian law and French law. There is also the case of parents whose files are incomplete. Of these 700 families members of the collective, some met their children, spent time with them, a real bond was created ...

Several events will be organized throughout France, for more information visit the site of the collective.

Alison Novic