Name Jannine - Meaning and origin

Name Jannine - Meaning and origin

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The name Jannine is a variant of Jeanne and Jeanine. It comes from the Hebrew words "Yeho" and "hanan". Etymologically, it means "God forgives" or "God gives grace".


Janine Abbring is a Dutch filmmaker, writer, journalist and presenter.
Janina Gavankar is an American actress and musician.
Janina Uhse is a German actress. Janina Hartwig is also an actress of German origin.
Janina Fialkowska is a classical Canadian pianist.
The Jannine are celebrated the same day as St. Joan. Joan of Arc, considered the patron saint of the armies, was a French heroine and a warlord who fought the English in Orleans. She died burned alive in Rouen.

His character :

Jannine is an energetic girl with a strong and independent character. Very authoritarian, she likes to lead her life as she sees fit. It also happens to want to control the existence of others as he pleases. Disciplined and very demanding of herself, she wants to set an example for others. That's why she attaches great importance to appearances and her physique.
Frank and direct, Jannine is incapable of modesty. Thus, she can be arrogant, pretentious and disdainful, especially if she is confronted with a person or a situation that she considers mediocre or unworthy of her.
Although she is autonomous and assertive while being able to show charm and generosity, she is also very egocentric. Proud and proud, Jannine has a very high opinion of herself and her abilities. When she faces a failure, she is sensitive and intolerant while not acknowledging her wrongs.


Jeanne, Jeanine, Janine, Janina, Gianna, Giovanna, Ivana, Jane, Jenny, Joan and Juana.

His party :

The Jannines are celebrated on May 30th.

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