A notebook of grievances for early childhood

A notebook of grievances for early childhood

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To counter the "States General for Childhood" launched by the government a few weeks ago, nearly 80 associations and organizations for the defense of children yesterday presented their "general" statements. With one purpose: to denounce a current family policy that is wrong. (News of the 27/05/10)

On February 16th, Nadine Morano, Secretary of State for the Family, launched the States General of Childhood. The goal ? Set up a working group to ensure better protection of children. A project whose conclusions are still awaited, but which has not convinced the main stakeholders.

General states for childhood

  • In fact, nearly 80 associations and organizations, who judged these states general insufficient and "caricatures", met in recent weeks to write a book of grievances gathering 112 points to improve: "We wondered what, for all of us, was going not in matters of childhood policy and what could and should be improved, "explained Sylviane Giampino * yesterday during the presentation of these grievances.

Improve the cause of children

  • Among the many subjects pointed out By these "general" states for children, we find, among other things: the conditions of reception of young children who are degrading, the elimination of the position of Children's Defender, the decrease of the number of teachers, the disqualification of professionals early childhood or poor integration of children in difficulty, especially children with autism.
  • This book of complaints will be sent to the president of the Republic and presented to parliamentary groups and associations of local elected representatives.

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Stéphanie Letellier

* Psychologist, member of (National Association of Early Childhood Psychologists) and the collective "pasde0deconduite"