A sperm donor sentenced to pay child support?

A sperm donor sentenced to pay child support?

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Five years ago, a German donated sperm to help a couple of women who had placed an advertisement in the newspaper. Today, they claim child support to raise their child and may well win. (News from 07/03/11)

At 52, Klaus Schröder, a German teacher, must bite his fingers. Five years ago, he donated his sperm to a couple of women who wanted to have a child. The two women then pledged to demand no financial assistance for the child to come.

Alimony required

  • Five years later, both women are now demanding donor support. According to the newspaper Der Spiegel who reports this story, after the birth of little David, the man saw the child about once a month and also paid the baptismal fee.
  • Thanks to that, the two women are hopeful that their petition will succeed, because the German law is very concerned with the well-being of the child: a father must provide for the needs of his offspring when paternity is established, which seems to be the case here. The only exception is when the mother's partner legally adopts the child. In this case, the biological father is no longer required to assume.
  • To try to opposeKlaus Schröder has contested his paternity and will take the case to court if necessary.
  • A story that should not encourage giving sperm already very low in the country, especially since the German Constitution guarantees every child the right to know the identity of his father and can at any time remove the anonymity of the donor.

Stéphanie Letellier