A beautiful hair in winter

A beautiful hair in winter

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Winter is not the best season for your hair. Hot / cold, wind, rain, snow, your hair is not at the party and is gray mine. All our advice to spend this difficult time.

Why do you have to protect them?

The cold is the number one enemy of your hair because it makes them very dry because of the wind and low temperatures. They demand special attention.

  • Wear a hat, a scarf or a scarf to put them well warm.
  • Adapt your hairstyle for not having to re-bend them all the time.
  • To do follow your shampoo with a rinse-free conditioner To protect them.
  • Do not exit with your hair still wetthey may break if the water freezes. Not to mention that you also risk catching cold!
  • Their offer a hydrating maskt and feeding once a week.
  • Apply regularly a care on the lengths and the points who are more fragile.

Good gestures

It's decided, you will not let winter take on your hair. Tips for optimizing your good resolutions.

  • Wash them with a mild shampoo and moisturizer ...
  • Check static electricity by not using a plastic or nylon brush that aggravates the problem and spray a little hairspray to neutralize it.
  • Start a cure of food supplements to strengthen them.
  • Do not attack your hair by periodically ventilating your hair dryer and keep a certain distance with your appliance when drying.
  • Limit the use of furring ironsr, straightening irons, which dry out.
  • Treat yourself a care at the hairdresser whose effect lasts longer.
  • Massage regularly your scalp to stimulate blood circulation.
  • Add a few drops of oil to your shampoo if you never have time to take care of your hair.

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