A school for autistic children in Roanne

A school for autistic children in Roanne

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A school for children with autism should open in September in the town of Roanne (Loire) through the association 3.14. Supervised by a team of professionals and volunteers, this establishment will offer a more personalized supervision to children with this pathology. (News of the 06/08/10)

  • In Roanne (Loire), the association 3.14 decided to create a pilot school for autistic children. "La Contre-Allee" will welcome five children suffering from pervasive developmental disorders, which will be supervised by volunteers and professionals.

Personalized support

  • Each child will benefit from a personalized follow-up and constant stimulation. The school will take care of the students five days a week and will welcome nearly 150 volunteer workers supervised by a leader, ie more than 25 adults per child.

A medical presence for children with autism

  • A medical team will also be involved in the daily monitoring of children, including geneticists and neurologists. An educational research center will also be set up, with the presence of speech therapists, trainers, educators and child psychiatrists.

A subsidy system

  • The school will operate on a grant basis, patronage, sponsorship and with the participation of families.

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