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A well equipped kitchen ... security side

A well equipped kitchen ... security side

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Here is a piece that sometimes contains some stinging experiences! 80% of domestic accidents could be avoided with simple precautions and early education of children at risk. Our tips for securing your kitchen efficiently.

1. Mix your storage

Sharp objects, glasses, can openers ... So many temptations for a young hands-on. Redouble your vigilance by making a clean space.

  • Store knives and meat grinders in a place inaccessible to your child (cupboard, drawer in height and preferably equipped with a drawer lock).
  • Place the glasses and jars on a high shelf.
  • Do not leave a bottle of alcohol on hand.
  • Do not forget to store your household robots after use.
  • Remember to put the cans open well in the bottom of the trash.

2. Keep an eye on boiling liquids

30% of the victims burned by a hot liquid are less than 5 years old. A cup of coffee on a table, a pot of boiling water can seriously burn your child.

  • Do not leave the pan handles, turn them to the inside of the stove. Equip the edge of the latter with a barrier. Made of solid metal or sturdy plastic, it will prevent your child from having access to the flame or hob.
  • Keep your child away when you are in the kitchen, to avoid, for example, that it is in your legs when you drain his shells.
  • Check that your child can not pull on the tablecloth and spill liquids or boiling foods on him.
  • A milk bottle too hot can also cause burns. After shaking and mixing the milk in the bottle, check its temperature on the inside of your wrist.

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