A pregnant woman ... 10 months!

A pregnant woman ... 10 months!

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In Tajikistan, a woman has started her tenth month of pregnancy. Despite this delay, the doctors refuse to start the delivery because the baby is too small. Will she give birth one day? (News of the 01/04/10)

  • In Dushanbe, capital of Tajikistan, the case of a pregnant woman of 10 months is at the origin of a polemic within the Tajik medical corps. The 42-year-old mother already has five children and is pregnant with her sixth since last June.
  • Although she has passed her term For almost four full weeks, the doctors at the hospital where she is being followed refuse to start the delivery. They think the baby is too small and not developed enough to come into the world. According to them, an extended stay in the belly of his mother would only be beneficial.
  • Many studies have proved that when a term is exceeded, childbirth must absolutely be provoked. The amniotic fluid is degraded and oxygen has a harder time reaching the baby. This very controversial decision could endanger the life of the child, but also that of his mother.
  • Unfortunately, this woman has no choice but to submit to the decisions of its doctors, as there is only one maternity in the capital of this country, the poorest of the former USSR.

Alison Novic