A hormone to cure autism

A hormone to cure autism

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A team of CNRS researchers discovered that oxytocin would help improve the social behavior of people with autism. (News from 01/03/10)

  • Oxytocin is a hormone which contributes to childbirth and lactation in women. According to a study conducted by the CNRS, it would also promote social behavior in people with Asperger's syndrome and autism high level. Patients suffering from these two forms of autism develop intellectual and linguistic faculties, but no capacity for socialization.
  • People with autism rarely look at a person directly, they look away or head away. In one experiment, the researchers administered oxytocin to 13 patients. They then showed several faces photographed to the sick. These focused on the whole face, even on the eyes.
  • Conclusion of the researchers: taking this hormone promotes social interaction between autistic patients and their loved ones and alleviates the fear of others, fear they suffer.
  • For Ma'hammed Sajidi, president of the Léa association for Samythis discovery is good news. "I have confidence in the CNRS and the work of scientists, nevertheless we can not generalize this treatment to all cases of autism.It is necessary to adapt treatments to the degree of disability of patients."

Alison Novic