A mother kills her 8-year-old disabled daughter

A mother kills her 8-year-old disabled daughter

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A mother from the Paris region, killed at the beginning of the week her 8 year old girl, disabled cerebral motor. She then tried to commit suicide. The Rennes prosecutor spoke of a "drama of despair". (News of 25/08/10)

  • Originally from the Paris Region, this mother had come to settle two months ago in Saint-Malo, with her 8-year-old daughter Meline, a severely handicapped motor and brain. The condition of the girl, totally dependent, required the permanent presence of a third person.
  • A burden that has become too heavy for this 44-year-old woman who committed the irreparable earlier in the week by killing his daughter and then trying to end his life. If the mother is out of danger today, the child did not survive. "A tragedy of despair, even despair," according to the Rennes prosecutor.

Parents too lonely?

  • The Pluriel leisure center, who welcomed the girl since June, for her part recalled the support needed by these parents "The care of children with disabilities can not be reduced to the only question of their schooling, orientation in establishment or payment We must do our utmost to prevent mothers of children with disabilities from being forced to leave work, the first step in a social exile, often without return. lead a life as ordinary as possible. "
  • Meline's mom had left her job as a bank clerk at the birth of her daughter, and took care of it alone after the father's abandonment. She is now facing life imprisonment for murder. Let us remember that so far the courts have been lenient with this type of tragedy.

Stéphanie Letellier