One game: Christmas details review

One game: Christmas details review

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From December 1st to the 25th, you have one idea a day to accompany your children around Christmas. Today, December 9th: a game around Christmas!

  • Here is a funny little game around Christmas, to propose to your elves from 4 years.

How it works ?

  • Hang a large sheet of paper on the wall.
  • One of the children draws a snowman there.
  • The drawing finished, all the other children turn around or, at least, hide their eyes. Meanwhile, the designer adds a detail: a button, a flower in a hat, a scarf, etc.
  • The children turn around and must quickly find the detail added to the drawing. Then rebelote, they close their eyes and the little designer adds another detail: a pipe, a color, a lace, etc.
  • The more complex the drawing, the more difficult the detail is to find.

See you tomorrow for a new idea!

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