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A menu to stimulate its natural defenses

A menu to stimulate its natural defenses

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Not easy to resist the cold! Colds, flu, bronchitis or ear infections weaken your child's immune system. To help him stay in shape or to cure his sores of the season, follow the guide!

Breakfast, to get started

  • Fruit juice.
  • Two bread sandwiches semi-complete leavened with a little mashed almonds.
  • Why ? Fruits and their juices are essential to strengthen your child's body in vitamins and minerals, especially when the cold weather arrives. Unprocessed by pesticides, organic fruits contain more flavonoids and carotenoids, substances that are specific to the immune system.
  • The semi-complete leavened bread is much more digestible, it is always less work for its intestines! Oilseeds are foods that contain oil, such as spread (almond puree, chestnut jam). They are rich in easily digestible nutrients and do not contain too much sugar (which is not recommended in case of illness because it disrupts the digestive balance and the immune system). They are fortifying foods. Put them on the breakfast menu.

Small snack and taste

  • A fresh seasonal fruit, a handful of dried fruits or a compote.
  • Why ? These foods are rich in vitamins, trace elements and minerals, they are invigorating. In the event that your child is sick, they are therefore particularly recommended at these times of the day such as snacks.

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