A complete keychain for the arrival of your baby

A complete keychain for the arrival of your baby

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Bodies, pajamas, bibs ... Yes, but how much? For the upcoming arrival of your baby, you do not want to leave anything to chance and that's perfectly normal. Our advice to be ready the day you return from the maternity with your toddler in arms.

A baby, it gets dirty

  • When he drinks, your child spits out a little milk. The layer may also leak and overflow, forcing you to change it. In short, do not hesitate: buy between six and eight bodysuits and plan to put two in a day, short-sleeved or sleeveless summer, long-sleeved as soon as the thermometer goes down.
  • Do the same with the toggles, cotton for sunny days and warm sponge, even velvet for the winter.
  • As for the bibs, you need one for each meal, at least!

A baby is fragile

  • Until the 3rd month, choose preferably newborn bodysuits and pajamas "cache-cores", that is to say equipped with snaps, so practical. Also, check that his hoodies have buttons on the shoulders, which makes it easier to pass through the head.
  • Regarding the materials, prefer soft fibers, cotton, linen ... that respect the sensitive skin of your toddler, and that it is hot or cold. Think also about eco-friendly materials. No wool sweaters that "sting" in winter, but rather soft polar fiber.

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