An adjuvanted vaccine for whom?

An adjuvanted vaccine for whom?

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While the influenza A vaccination campaign will begin in a few weeks, doubts remain about the effects of the adjuvanted vaccine in pregnant women and young children. (News of 21/09/09)

What is an adjuvant?

  • An adjuvant is a product contained in a vaccine highly stimulating immunity and promoting the production of antibodies.

Why are adjuvanted vaccines not recommended for young children?

  • "Adjuvanted vaccines can create problems when applied to a maturing immune system, "said Daniel Floret, President of the Technical Committee on Immunizations.For the moment, for lack of concrete data on the effects of vaccine against influenza A with adjuvant in children, specialists are reluctant to use them in the youngest.

And in pregnant women?

  • "At the moment, we do not have any precise data the effects of the adjuvanted vaccine on pregnant women, but precautions are always taken with regard to this segment of the population because pregnant women are immuno-depressed and therefore more vulnerable, "explains Daniel Floret.
  • A precautionary principle confirmed by Roselyne Bachelot, Minister of Health: "Until the verification procedures are done, we will offer pregnant women or immuno-depressed people non-adjuvanted vaccines."

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