Which specialist to turn to?

Which specialist to turn to?

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To which specialist can a future mother turn when she learns about her pregnancy? How to find the right person and how to consult? The answers in video of Francine Dauphin, midwife.

As a midwife, Francine Dauphin offers what is called global accompaniment, that is before, during and after birth.

Today, to which specialist can a pregnant woman turn? A midwife, a gynecologist, a doula?

  • To follow the pregnancy, you need someone medical. The woman who learns her pregnancy has the choice between her GP, the gynecologist who usually follows her, a gynecologist-midwife, or a midwife. Midwives having the possibility to follow a pregnancy from one end to the other, if this pregnancy is normal. The future mother will look around for her which practitioner she will be closest to.

How to find this practitioner?

  • First, there are the Yellow Pages. For midwives, women will only find them during a pregnancy. Or they will choose it because they knew it for a previous pregnancy. Or they will search the directory and contact one of us. The general practitioner, they know him. The gynecologist who follows them too. The gynecologist-midwife doctor may be a little less. Pregnant women need to see according to their personal problem.

How often should the chosen specialist be seen?

  • This is defined by the Public Health Code. Generally, it's a monthly consultation. One consultation per regular month.
  • The first consultation is typically a little longer than the others because we will brush a kind of pregnancy calendar. To explain how things will happen. And then we will talk with women to find out what they want, where they want to give birth, how they imagine things. If it's not the first baby, how did things happen during previous deliveries? What they want to reproduce or, on the contrary, do not want to reproduce.
  • Then the rhythm is a medical consultation once a month throughout the pregnancy.

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