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  • Decidedly, the nap is rarely good press. In adults who practice it, it is considered as proof of laziness and nonchalance. And in children, spent 2 or 3 years, it is sometimes watched with some circumspection ... It prevents going out at the park at the best time of the day, it requires a complex organization in case of a weekend away from home and, after all, would she not be responsible for the difficulties of putting her child to bed early in the evening? Maybe if he did not take a nap, he would fall asleep more easily ...

Do not touch this break!

  • If your child is not part of the family of little sleepers, if he is a "normal" sleeper, know that he absolutely needs his nap - this little supplement of daytime sleep - up to 4-5 years. Deleting it too early will only worry you! For lack of a nap early in the afternoon, your child will be painful, grumpy, angry, agitated from 17 hours and until bedtime. And since the nervous tension has accumulated for several hours, he will not be able to relax, to relax to let himself sleep by falling asleep for the night.

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