Name Juana - Meaning of origin

Name Juana - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Spanish, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

Juana, feminine first name, has Hispanic and Hebrew origins. Juana is a variant of Jane (Hebrew), originally a feminine form of John and means "God is Merciful". Variant of Juana "and" Juanita ", Juana is the feminine of" Juan "and means" Gift of God ".

Juana is pronounced as "Hwah-na".

Juana is a relatively rare name.


Juana I of Castilla also known as Jeanne 1st Madwoman, was Queen of Aragon and Castile in the 16th century and definitively unites all Spain under the same scepter from January 25, 1516.

Daughter of model and actress Chunchuna Villafañe and singer Horacio Molina, Juana Molina is an Argentine actress and singer.

Juana Acosta, a Colombian national, is a famous model and actress.

Sister Juana Ines de la Cruz is a hieronymite nun, playwright and poet of New Spain.
Juana Bacallao is a diva of Cuban song.

His character :

Juana has great intelligence and bravery. She is a courageous, dynamic and playful person. She often adopts a determined, enterprising and active mind. This makes her a curious and brilliant woman in all the activities she undertakes.


Tajuana, Jone, Joanna, Ioanna, Iohanna, Ioana, Johanna, Johanne, Juanita, Jennie and Jenny.

His party :

Juana is celebrating on May 30th.

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