Name Kameko - Meaning of origin

Name Kameko - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The first name "Kameko" means "the child of the turtle". In the land of rising sun, the turtle symbolizes longevity.


American pop rock singer Kameko Tarnez, Japanese gymnast Kameko Shibata, Japanese mangaka Kameko Nanase ...

His character :

Kameko is appreciated for his sincerity and modesty. His company is always pleasant. Smiling, she illuminates the lives of her loved ones. His cheerfulness is contagious. However, behind this radiant face hides a girl sometimes anxious. Kameko is afraid to disappoint his entourage and we will have to give her confidence.
Kameko is a woman with a big heart. She tends to favor the happiness of others before hers. His great generosity could well be perceived as naivety. But Kameko is smart and always takes the time to think before acting.


There are no derivatives.

His party :

There is no special date for people named "Kameko".

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