Name Kan - Meaning and origin

Name Kan - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

Kan is a unisex name that is also used for little girls. Pronounced "Ka-en", it is widely used in England. Variant of "Kahn", Kan is also a version of the English name "Kaniel".
In the Chinese language, Kan is a variant of "Jian", a region located in Shandong Province.
Kan is also a Czech variant of "Kán", which means "drooling".
In Germany, Kan is derived from the surname "Konrad".
In Dutch, Kan means "pitcher" or "pitcher".


Kan Gao is a Canadian-born video game composer and developer and Kan Wakan, daughter of producer and music composer Crooked Waters, is an American singer.

His character :

During childhood, Kan is a rather quiet little boy. He is neither too agitated nor too disobedient. Quiet, he likes activities that match his personality like coloring or watching cartoons. Growing up, Kan has no trouble making friends. His friendly and jovial nature acts like a magnet on his surroundings. Very good confidant, he will know how to listen to you and keep your secrets. In his love life, he will be a loving, caring and always present companion.


Caene, Canh, Kaan, Kaenan, Kaenen, Kahn, Kaim, Kaime, Kain, Kaine, Kam, Kame, Kasseem, Kaym, Kayme, Kayn, Kayne, Kean, Kean and Keane.

His party :

There is no known holiday for this name.

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